When one stares into the eyes of failure

In the hearts of some, tears rain

But for others, flames unleashed


The tears rain onto the hard work invested

That bore nothing but failure


The rain leaves the heart muddy

And later insulted by anyone who passes by


The flames also lingers near and far

In search for a splint to devour


Surely, it shall get one or two

Even more, if flames are not bound


If the flames destroy all that flit around

Desolate loneliness, the flame bearer is left with


But looking deep into the eyes of failure

Do you see a stage in her eyes


And each actor playing his role; showing the alternate route

Where the seeds sprout and travel beyond the grape to the wine


Do you see the other living realms

Where the actors pluck fruits from the main stem


Do you realize how long or short their flames burnt

How many weeds they devour

All for the sake of casting seeds anew


Do you realize how long they rain onto their hearts

Not to make their hearts muddy

But to make the earth of the hearts soft for new seedlings


Just watch carefully, in the eyes of failure

The new world she offers


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[One late evening of a Wednesday, I was at a Christian Medical Fellowship prayer meeting, praying with other medical students. The lady leading the prayer session beseeched us to pray and thank God. Within a twinkling of an eye, there was an ejaculation of tongues and shouts of prayers. A silent praying young man as I was, I got lost in the whole avalanche of charismatic prayer. I opened my eyes, started looking around. Everyone had switched into serious prayer mode, but I was rather smiling and looking around. Then all of a sudden I became aware of the cool wind blowing around me; the trees waving their leaves like victorious knights wave the flag of their nation; and the wonderful green lawns around me. I then watched these gifts of nature and begun to thank God for his blessed creation. I then raised my head and looked up into the dark skies. There I saw a myriad of wonderful flickering stars. They looked great! Wow! I just paused and admired the wonderful little angels suspending and flicking in the skies with such a tremendous beauty. I paused and thanked God for the stars.

On my way back to my hostel, I began meditating on the stars. Then there was a sudden out-pour of the essence and spirit on the stars on my heart. My heart became enthralled and could do nothing but receive the sweet rush of the beauty of the heavenly stars. It then dawned on me like most of the other sweet experiences that I write. But I was quite lackadaisical in the writing. So another night, as I sat at the balcony of a lovely friend of mine, I looked up into the skies again, and this time too, the beauty rushed into my heart. For the second time, I knew I was supposed to write, but again I was reluctant. The third time was on my own balcony. I became aware of the beauty of the skies, and I knew I was supposed to write. This time, I tried writing the beauty as a poem, but the nuance was not flowing through my ink. I was intuitively aware of it. So I stopped writing. It was on May 24, 2012, that I sat in front of my toy, and started typing the beauty I experienced because of another reminder I had a day or two before the stated date. But this time, the moon hanging in the skies amidst the wonder of the beautiful myriad little angels smiled at me, and caused a cardiac and cognitive resonance. It was because of this resonance that I was propelled to scribble my miraculous and wonderful experience.]

A mother, traveling back home on a Sunday with a her seven year old daughter, after the woman had paid her last respect to her dead husband (the daughter’s father) on the immediate past Friday, got stuck in the middle of a lonely  and dark road around 2:49 am. Her car had broken down and her mobile phone had also run out of power. She then stood beside the road to signal any passing vehicle to give them any suitable help they could offer. As she stood there, a black Nissan X-trail was speeding toward her direction. She began waving her hand to signal the drive of the car. Little did she know that the driver was uncontrollably drunk with beer and stuporous with cocaine. As the vehicle drew nigh, it suddenly rushed toward the position of the woman. It knocked her and shot her high up to an unimaginable height. She immediately fell from that height to hit the bonnet of her own car. Her head broke into her car’s windscreen; and her torso and knees created very deep depression on the bonnet. She was immediately bounced back and then fell on the tarred road right at the feet of her daughter. The mother was bleeding like and opened dam. She lay on the ground seizing without blinking her bleeding eyes. She lay there, bled, and shed blood as tears. The daughter stood there transfixed having no idea what is really going on at that moment, while the drunken bustard also sped off with no idea of what he had also done.

It was after a few second of transfixion that the daughter realized the mother was bleeding and dying. She began to cry uncontrollably. She then fell on the dying and bleeding mother, still crying. She hugged the mother on the ground and shrieked, ‘mother! Please don’t die!’  Then suddenly, the mother stopped seizing and lay calm, but her heartbeat was so loud that one could even stand and still hear the heartbeat. She then told the daughter to put her (daughter) hand on her (mother) chest and feel her (mother) heartbeat for the last. The mother then asked her to look into the skies. The daughter looked up, and then the mother asked her, “What do you see?”  The daughter said, she could see dark skies. The mother retorted with anger and pain, “don’t be silly! What do you see?”  The daughter, shedding tears like flood then answered, ‘mother, I can see dark skies and many stars’. The mother then smiled but still in pains, and a rapidly waning strength. She said to her daughter, “Yes, up there, there are dark skies, and several beautiful stars. They are the things you ought to see whenever you look up there in the night. From today going, that is the same way you ought to look at yourself. Whenever you look at yourself, see your darkness, but forget not to see your many stars. Aren’t the stars beautiful? They are, my daughter; they are. So are you. Your stars make you beautiful. The stars are the little strengths you have; and the good deeds you do. They make you beautiful. Always remember to see them anytime the storms of this world make you feel awful about yourself. You have stars, and they are beautiful.” The mother  continued, “sweetheart, just as both of us lie down here watching the skies, so one day posterity will sit and analyze your generation. The dark skies up there remind you that your generation is dark and filled with folly. But the few stars you see up there, making skies beautiful are the few noble men and women who have chosen to do great deeds of charity, truth and wisdom. If this generation will be crowned beautiful by posterity, it will be because of these stars. Let it be your aim to be among the men and women who will stand out to make you generation a beautiful one to be admired by posterity.”

“My daughter, you are beautiful, so endeavor to be great and noble. I love you. Stay blessed”, the mother said these word to the daughter at last, as the daughter felt the mothers heart cease. The daughter wept and slept on the dead mother (who lay in a pool of blood) till the sun rose in the morning for good Samaritans and police officers came to their aid.

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